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Fully Worked Needlepoint Canvas Floral design with scrolled border

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Fully Worked Needlepoint Canvas – Floral design with scrolled border

 The central design on this canvas have been worked in Half Cross Stitch, you just need to choose a Tapestry Wool shade for the background area and stitch to the desired size.  This canvas can be used as a Seat cover or cushion front. Please note there is a small amount of water staining on edge of the canvas, this will not affect the finished tapestry.

Please read the full description below before committing to buy.

Dimensions: -

Canvas size: Width 76cm x Depth 74cm (30 x 29ins.)         Design size: Width 43cm. x Depth 38cm. (17 x 15ins.).

 What's in the Pack?

Fully Worked Double Thread Canvas (Hemmed) - Antique 10/20 count. The central design is fully worked in Half Cross Stitch.

There is no wool included for the background, giving the opportunity to match your decor.

Standard Tapestry Working and Finishing Instructions and Tapestry Needle

 The canvas is packed in a re-sealable plastic bag to enable you to keep all your work and threads together. We have a large range of traditional trammed tapestries that are second to none with fabulous medieval, Jacobean, 18th century 'Chippendale' and Victorian designs to suit any style of home.

 We will be stocking an increasing number of Tramme designs, but the range will change from time to time, some of the designs are 'one-offs', never to be repeated. This canvas is from a collection that has been hand made in Madeira. We stock the full range of Anchor Tapestry Wool, if you need any help with the wool required for the background or would like us to send you an Anchor Tapestry Wool shade card (PDF version), please let us know. (FWC05/01 © Atlascraft Ltd 2021).

What is 'Tramme?'

Tramme, pronounced tram'me or tra-may, also spelt Tramé (commonly referred to as Trammed). Tramme is a traditional type of tapestry (or needlepoint) on which the design is laid out on the canvas using horizontal, long-stitched lines of 2 ply wool yarn. This is done by hand through the small holes, on the 'Penelope' (or French) double thread canvas, in the appropriate colours, instead of being painted or printed. This makes it very easy to work out which colour of wool to use, working through the larger holes in the normal way using half-cross stitch with the yarns included. This form of needlework is ideally suited to furnishing uses (cushions/pillows, chair/stool seats and backs) because of its hard-wearing properties.

Trammed Tapestry

Traditional trammed, or tramé, tapestry canvases are incredibly flexible since you can choose whatever background colour you want to match your decor. Also, you can usually vary the size of the stitched area making them ideal for upholstery. Most designs can be trammed onto larger canvases if necessary, for a particular project.

Some sophisticated trammed canvases have some areas pre-worked in petit point to bring out details in the design. Petit point is worked as the canvas is being trammed by using the DUO canvas as a conventional weave canvas, so each stitch is quarter the normal size.

Choosing your background colour

Most trammed canvases are supplied with the wool for the design area only leaving you free to choose any background colour you wish. Changing the background colour can completely transform the design. Dark colours are very traditional but light pastel shades can look fabulous too.

All the trammed or tramé tapestries we stock are produced on the island of Madeira, home of trammed tapestry for hundreds of years, so you can be assured you will be getting only the very highest quality canvas to work. Tramé produced in Madeira is rigorously checked before being given approval for export by the Institute of Embroidery and Needlework based in the island's capital Funchal.

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