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Adult Face Masks - Black

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Fabric Face Masks

Here we have some great Face Masks. Produced in France for their own health professionals. They are made of fabric and are washable. Please see full details and credentials below.


These masks are for the general public for non-sanitary use, Category 1 (or Uns 1) They can be used by professionals in contact with the public. They have a filtration power greater than 90%.


They comply with the AFNOR SPEC guide S76-001: 2020 and whose performance has been measured by the laboratories of the DGA and IFTH. You can be-use after washing at 60° C.


Protective cloth masks for non-sanitary use

The French government and the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM), with the support of the National French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), have defined two new categories of masks for non-sanitary use:

Category 1. Individual filter masks for professionals in contact with the public:

The use of these filter masks is intended for populations that receive the individuals within the framework of their professional activities. They have properties to filter emitted particles of three microns compatible when used in this way. These masks are 90% effective.

Category 2. Collective protection filter masks to protect an entire group (without contact with the public):

These filter masks are not suited for medical use but intended for individuals having occasional contact with other people in a professional setting. The aim is to collectively protect a group of individuals who need to wear masks (also of a different category) because their situation or working conditions require it (company, service, etc.). Their filtration capability of up to three microns brings complementary protection with protective gestures. These masks are 70% effective.

The use of these masks is part of the strict application of containment measures, work organization measures and protective gestures.

A call for proposals has been launched by the Directorate General of Companies of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, in connection with the Strategic Committee for Fashion and Luxury Goods of the National Industry Council, the Eura materials and Techtera clusters, the Union of Textile Industries (UIT), the French Fashion and Apparel Union (UFIMH) and the French Textile and Clothing Institute, intended for companies ready to offer solutions to increase national production capacity. 

The CSF platform, through its group of professionals, offers a place for discussion on materials and a space for networking between manufacturers of materials and stakeholders in the textile industry. It also allows exchanges on good practices in the manufacturing of alternative masks for non-sanitary use. Manufacturers are encouraged to register, enter and keep up to date their contact information and production capabilities.


French made

Oeko Tex standard 100 fabric made in France with a fabric which is free from harmful substances.


All about permeability and filtration


Air permeability to determine breathability

The breathability of the material is analysed using a permeability meter. The sample has an area of 20 cm2. The surface flow rate of air (litres m-2. s-1) passing through the material is measured at a fixed vacuum (at 100 Pa or other value). The intermenstrual information notes of March 29, 2020 relating to the new categories of masks reserved for sanitary uses imposes a minimum flow of 96 Lm-2. s-1. The above breathability measurement must be completed by a test carried for 4 hours, to be carried out by the manufacturer.

Filtration efficiency

The mask or material is cut with a cookie cutter to make a 48 mm diameter disc. The sample is placed in a vein containing an aerosol of polydisperse Holi powder. The aerosol concentrations in the vein and in the flow having passed through the sample inward to outward are measured. The announced result is the percentage of particles of diameters 3 μm and 1 μm stopped by the material.

The inter-ministerial information notes of March 29, 2020 relating to the new categories of masks reserved for non-sanitary uses imposes an efficiency of filtration of particles with a diameter of 3 μm emitted from:

  • Category 1 (individual mask for use by professionals in contact with the public) Efficiency> 90%

  • Category 2 (collective protective mask to protect an entire group wearing these masks) Efficiency> 70%

Adult Face Masks - Black
Adult Face Masks - Black
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